Posted by: newperspectives85 | November 19, 2011

Communities and Societies

What is the distinction between a community and a society?


a. Group of human beings who know each other

–Implies personal knowledge of one another

–Family or group of families—neighborhood, village, college, etc, for example

–Literally have a personal relationship with them; it may not be a deep relationship; it is about knowledge—prefaced on emotional response

–communities are based on emotion

–sense of responsibility in a community/not governed as societies are

–Example of community: high school

—-power relations exists

—–Examples: elite (wealthy, cheerleaders, jocks) vs poor (nerds, geeks, dweebs)

—-informal politics – personal


a. Group of people that work together

–Relationships primarily defined by pragmatic concerns, norms, structures, institutions

–capable of being much larger (i.e. billions)

–more impersonal

–Example: United States of America is a society with 330 million people

–impersonal –a society is impersonal; based on ethics (structural or institutional); governed

–dominated by formal or institutionalized politics; impersonal


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