Posted by: newperspectives85 | December 28, 2011

Conflict in the world A website I looked over…while studying Iraq in cultural geography this past summer and a paper for american government on religious freedom in the middle east at stake.

Interesting website to look at for blogs of people who are actually experiencing world conflict firsthand along with attempts to settle conflict/current events

Iraq’s great resource oil is suffering due to the war along with corruption and smuggling…

Why bring this up?

Natural resources–easily taken for granted

The oil for gas in the U.S., water (for lakes, rivers, etc), coal — all of these are natural resources and are so often neglected

A part of human geography is resource issues and the geography of those resources.

Other random notes:

Iraq:  The birthplace of Christianity is losing its identity especially since invasion in 2003.  Conditions remain turbulent…

One interest i have gained through one of my classes is how religious freedoms are being violated in foreign countries…one part of the world includes the Middle East and Asia where minorities find themselves against a majority hostile to other religious beliefs.  This would fall under foreign policy issues and human rights.

What does the United States do to address issues of religious freedom in foreign countries?  an annual report from the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom–it lists countries that are recommended as “Countries of Particular Concern” or CPCs for severe violations of religious freedom.  Countries are also put under watch as conditions begin to deteriorate.

What post is next? (in no particular order)

1.  The foundations of religious freedom in America (Why is it a big deal?)

2.  Religious Minorities and human rights violated???

3.  Conflict between religion??

Who knows what is next?  (randomness is pretty much what this blog is — whatever i could be thinking at a particular time)



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