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Fluvanna Parents Call for Removal of New Principal august 14, 2013 NBC 29

Fluvanna Parents Call for Removal of School Principal

Posted: Aug 14, 2013 10:36 PM EST Updated: Aug 14, 2013 10:41 PM EST

Just 72 hours into the new school year, some parents and students at Fluvanna County Middle School are calling for the removal of the new principal. They have voiced their concerns on social media, and Wednesday night they took them to the school board.

Parents went in front of the board accusing the Principal Yeardley Farquharson of bullying students, saying their children have come home upset every day since school started on Monday. They claim Farquharson is a drill sergeant who has their kids scared to come to school. They say she has done everything from taking away recess to belittling their children in front of other students.

“We teach our children not to bully each other – zero tolerance in Fluvanna County for children to bully each other. Then why do we hire a grownup to come in and bully people?” said parent Carol Newman.

But not everyone thinks the new principal is bad news. While many were upset, there were some who came to the principal’s defense and say the energy should be spent elsewhere.

“I’m very optimistic that our new principal will do a great job. If we put all of our energy into positive outcomes like helping our kids with our homework, trying to help them read each night or taking them to the library to pick out books, I think that might be a better use of our time,” said Stephanie Frazer, who works at the school.

Parents presented the school board with a petition asking for Farquharson’s resignation.

Principal Farquharson was there Wednesday night but did not wish to comment. NBC29 also reached out to the superintendent for a comment but has not yet heard back.


**the pros and cons to the principal?



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