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Not your typical republican 8.15.13


Jackson says Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson are ‘idiots’

E.W. Jackson


E.W. Jackson is a Republican candidate for lieutenant governor

Posted: Thursday, August 15, 2013 7:13 pm | Updated: 8:25 pm, Thu Aug 15, 2013.

Markus Schmidt
Richmond Times-Dispatch

Speaking before a crowd of Republicans in Williamsburg Thursday, E.W. Jackson, the GOP candidate for lieutenant governor, narrowed in on race issues and lashed out against President Barack Obama and two prominent civil rights leaders, accusing them of dividing the country.

“I believe we can transcend some of these racial lines, of course we have to stop listening to idiots like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton,” Jackson said at the Colonial Area Republican Men’s Association monthly luncheon.

“Maybe I shouldn’t call them idiots, misguided might be a better word,” Jackson quickly added. “They want to divide us; they want to turn everything into a racial issue. I think the American people so desperately want to get past that. But it’s so hard when you got leadership that uses every opportunity and try to divide us.”

Jackson also narrowed in on Obama’s remarks on race following the national turmoil after the verdict in the George Zimmerman murder trial.

“There are very few African-American men in this country who haven’t had the experience of being followed when they were shopping in a department store,” Obama said during an impromptu news conference last month.

Responding to the president’s comments, Jackson said: “And I’m thinking, now I’ve walked around in a lot of stores, I don’t ever remember being followed.”

“But maybe that’s because I’m not interested in doing anything wrong but going in there and buying what I need and leaving. But this obsession with how other people are looking at you, I just wasn’t raised to think about that stuff, I don’t care. I know who I am,” he said.

On the Trayvon Martin case, Jackson said: “What bothered me most about it was that rather than focusing on the sometimes up to as many as 10,000 (murdered) black kids a year, we all focus on one incident that may never happen again in our lifetime, while day by day across this nation kids are dying by the hundreds every single week. Why aren’t we focused on that? Because it’s easier to focus on something that can be blamed on racism.”

Jackson also said his family came from slaves and he is glad that they got to America.

“I don’t care how they got here, because they got here, I’m here, and I’m where everybody in the world wants to be. I have been blessed to be here, I’m not an African-American, I’m an American, that’s who I am,” he said.

Jackson’s campaign did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Thursday.

**Good question to think about:  why make the Trayvon Martin incident a national sensation when there are thousands of African American kids killed a year?

**I consider myself neither a republican or democrat…because neither one is completely right…despite Jackson’s argument, it would not be enough for me to become republican (because too many conservatives make the news with garbage whether it be Pat Robertson, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh or not so familiar names that stir up controversy)


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