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3.20.13 interview with an artiste

Interview with an Artiste: Anjeza

As part of The Pixel Project‘s “Music For Pixels” campaign, we encourage artistes taking part in any “Music For Pixels” programme, be it as an Artiste of the Month or as a YouTube Cover Carnival contestant, to speak up about why they are using music to say NO to violence against women.

Today, we interview YouTube artiste Anjeza who submitted her cover of Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love of All” for our Valentine 2013 YouTube Cover Carnival contest which ended at 9PM EST, 14 March 2013. Angeza is one of our 8 semi-finalists.


4x6Anjeza is an international multi-talented artiste based in Los Angeles, California, USA.  Her talents include singing, songwriting, acting and dancing; which she can perform in over 6 languages.  Anjeza is in love with music and the idea to make an emotional and financial difference through it.  She has performed in amazing venues around the world such as: Albania, Greece, Italy, Germany, Macedonia, and the USA. Anjeza is currently the CEO of a newly developed non-profit organization “BECHLEM*” that concerns itself with helping children heal the wounds of poverty through love and education.   She keeps in touch with her fans through her social networking sites:  Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace 

 1. Tell us about yourself and why you decided to take part in the YouTube Cover Carnival.

I am a soul and a body that bleeds love and passion to make a difference. I have an extended background in music/acting/dancing and I have always felt that creativity through the arts are the best tools to express yourself, including pain, happiness, injustice, strength, love, inspiration, motivation and so on.  The YouTube Cover Carnival project interested me since there was a humanitarian benefit behind it.  The rape tragedy in India was a devastation to listen to and an inspiration to raise my voice to make a difference by carrying a music image of an independent and strong woman.

2. Why is ending Violence against Women important to you?

We were created from love: to be loved, to walk love, to talk love; and to assist each other in being happy. The expression of power and superiority is a misuse of our blessings. Man was created to be beautiful and strong, while he provided and cared for the woman and his family. On the other hand, woman was created to be beautiful, nurturing, loving, caring and giving. They were perfectly equal in their differences.  Then power, disrespect, pain were introduced…and withered the flower.  The woman now stands restless, alone, afraid, and alert to protect herself…because real men are disappearing from this earth, while beasts are taking their place. It is a paradox to me that a man will ever dare to hurt any woman, emotionally or physically, when it was a woman that brought him to life.

3. In your opinion, how does music help in efforts to end violence against women?

Music inspires. Music entertains. Music heals. Music raises awareness. Music reaches far and deep. Music unites. Music says STOP. Music says GO.  The same way the audience relates to images more then words, the same way music is capable to land in people’s consciousness more then just words.  Living in an expanding and evolving entertainment age, where artists have become powerful leaders and enforcer to bring a difference, it is noticeable that the audience responds better when an artist embraces the cause.  In an interview, Shakira mentioned how the success in her career have made people and goals so much easier to reach, her voice to be heard, and differences to be made. Now she influences political leaders to make a difference and raise awareness.

4. In your opinion, how can musicians help encourage people to take an interest in and step up to help stop violence against women?

People love music. They were born to recognise and perceive music. Every sound is music and comes with a message that is easily perceived by people. For example, birds singing remind someone that spring is coming. Door knocking lets someone know that there is someone on the other side needing something. When melody is added, sound is refined and powerful words honour the song, the audience is capable to receive this gift that can be a great addition to their life.  Music is a conduit to the soul and mind. Audiences have been healed, inspired and encouraged through engagement with song and music. I believe we are in this world for a reason, packed with different blessings and different messages. Blessed be the one who uses blessings to heal and save another.


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