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Quotes to Beautiful creatures fall 2012

Mrs. English: “Harper Lee seems to be saying that you can’t really get to know someone until you take a walk in his shoes. What do you make of that? Anyone?

Ethan: Harper Lee never lived in Gatlin

Lena: “I think it means that you have to give people a chance. Before you automatically skip to the hating part. Don’t you think so, Emily?” She looked at Emily and smiled.

Emily: “You little freak,” Emily hissed under her breath

Mrs. English: “Let’s talk about Boo Radley. What would lead you to believe he is leaving gifts for the Finch children?”

Emily: “He’s just like Old Man Ravenwood. He’s probably tryin’ to lure those kids into his house so he can kill them…Then he can put their bodies in his hearse and take them out to the middle a nowhere and bury them”

Scene from after Lena ran out the classroom—window incident

Lena: “They all hate me.”

Ethan: “Not all of them. Not me. Not Link, my best friend.”

Lena: “You don’t even know me. Give it time; you’ll probably hate me, too.”

Ethan: I almost ran you down, remember? I have to be nice to you so you don’t have me arrested.”

It was a lame joke. But there it was, the smallest smile I have possibly ever seen in my life.

Lena: “It’s right up at the top of my list . I’ll report you to that fat guy who sits in front of the supermarket all day.”

Ethan: “Give them a chance. They’re not all bad. I mean, they are, right now. They’re just jealous. You know that, right?…They are. I am”

Lena: “Then you’re crazy. There’s nothing to be jealous of, unless you’re really into eating lunch alone.

Ethan: “You’ve lived all over”

Lena: “So? You’ve probably gotten to go to the same school and live in the same house your whole life.”

Ethan: “I have, that’s the problem.”

Lena: “Trust me, it’s not a problem. I know about problems.”

Ethan: “You’ve gone places, seen things. I’d kill to do that.”

Lena: “Yeah, all by myself. You have a best friend. I have a dog.”

Ethan: “But you’re not scared of anyone. You act the way you want and say whatever you want. Everyone else around here is scared to be themselves.”

Lena: “Sometimes I wish I could act like everyone else, but I can’t change who I am. I’ve tried. But I never wear the right clothes or say the right thing, and something always goes wrong. I just wish I could be myself and still have friends who noticed whether I’m in school or not.”

Ethan: “Believe me, they notice. At least, they did today. “I mean, in a good way.”

I notice


Whether you’re in school or not

Lena: “Then I guess you are crazy”

Lena: “You know, it’s always like this.” She was talking to the sky. A cloud floated into the darkening gray-blue.

Ethan: “Cloudy?”

Lena: “At school, for me.” She held up her hand and waved it. The cloud seemed to swirl in the direction her hand was moving. She wiped her eyes with her sleeve. “It’s not like I really care if they like me. I just don’t want them to automatically hate me.”

Ethan: “Those idiots? In a few months, Emily will get a new car and Savannah will get a new crown and Eden will dye her hair a new color and Charlotte will get, I don’t know, a baby or a tattoo or something, and this will all be ancient history.”

Lena: “I know they’re idiots. Of course they’re idiots. All that dyed blond hair and those stupid little matching metallic bags.

Ethan: “Exactly. They’re stupid. Who cares.”

Lena: “I care. They bother me. And that’s why I’m stupid. That makes me exponentially more stupid than stupid. I’m stupid to the power of stupid.” She waved her hand. The moon blew away.

Ethan: “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. You know what’s stupid? I have books under my bed.” I just said it, like it was something I said all the time.

Lena: “What?”

Ethan: “Novels. Tolstoy. Salinger. Vonnegut. And I read them. You know, because I want to.”

She (Lena) rolled over, propping her head on her elbow.

Lena: “Yeah? What do your jock buddies think of that?”

Ethan: “Let’s just say I keep it to myself and stick to my jump shot.”

Lena: “Yeah, well. At school, I noticed you stick to comics.”



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